Setting Up Your Lawyer Exchange Profile

The first step to joining Lawyer Exchange is completing your profile. Your profile allows you to showcase your experience, display recommendations from your choice of references, and manage your attorney license information.

To set up your profile, you will need to submit your attorney license information, answer some basic introduction questions, upload your resume or other documents, and provide a profile picture.

Hiring Lawyers will not be able to view your profile until you have submitted a proposal; you can change any of this information at any time once your profile is complete!

Attorney License Information
Because Lawyer Exchange is exclusively for lawyers and JDs who have registered for or taken the bar exam, we require all members to submit their attorney license information.
If you are a lawyer, you’ll need to provide your registration number, the state of your licensure, and the date you were admitted. If you have your J.D. and are registered to take the bar exam, or if you have taken the exam and are awaiting results, you’ll need to provide the state of licensure and the date of your exam. The Lawyer Exchange team manually verifies all registration information and will reach out to you via email if there are any issues verifying your license.
If you are a lawyer with licenses in multiple states, we recommend providing your primary state’s license upon signup. You can submit additional states’ licenses under Verification Management once your profile is complete.

Introduction Questions
Let Hiring Lawyers get to know more about you by answering a few basic questions. These answers can be as specific or broad as you’d like; you can change them at any time. After you’ve completed your initial profile, you can answer additional questions catered to your experience as well.

Document Upload
Here you can post documents to your profile that may typically be included in a traditional job application. You can upload your resume, writing samples, unofficial transcript, a cover letter, or anything else you would like Hiring Lawyers viewing your profile to see. Uploading a sufficient amount of quality documents may significantly improve your chances of obtaining project work. You can add or remove documents at any time, as long as they are under 5MB in size. Upon initially completing your profile, you can upload one document; you can add more once your profile is complete.

Profile Picture
Having a profile picture makes you look both professional and friendly. Upload a professional-looking picture of yourself or a logo that represents your law practice to help improve your chances of obtaining project work. Pictures must be under 5 MB and can be in .PNG, .JPG, or .JPEG format.
For best results, ensure the picture is uploaded as a square (equal width and height) and at least 300x300 pixels – this way the image will not get distorted or look grainy. The best photos are of just you with a plain background. You can also use a logo or a different professional image that represents you.

Having troubles? Visit our troubleshooting page here.