To browse Available Projects, simply log in to Lawyer Exchange, and you will be directed to our available project list. You can also click “Available Projects” at the top of your screen.

When browsing Projects, you can either navigate the full list or set filters by state by using the grey filter button. You can also hide projects if you no longer wish to see them on your list. You can un-hide projects at any time if you would like them to appear in your main view again; you can also still submit proposals to Hidden Projects.

Project Basics

1. Type of work: this indicates the area of practice and type of work the Hiring Lawyer is seeking
2. Project title
3. Project Brief submitted: this is the date the Hiring Lawyer posted the Project to Lawyer Exchange
4. Star rating: this is the Hiring Lawyer’s average rating. Read more about Lawyer Exchange’s rating system here.
5. Pay range and number of hours: this is the estimated pay range and number of hours the Hiring Lawyer has indicated to complete the Project. This provides the Project Lawyer not only a guideline for submitting their desired pay rate in their proposal but also an idea of how much time they will need to dedicate to this Project.
6. Project duration: this is the total length of time for which the Hiring Lawyer is seeking assistance. This range could be anywhere from one day to a few months.
7. Approximate start date: this indicates the Project’s start date as indicated by the Hiring Lawyer.
8. Project description: the description will include any relevant Project details. Consider this like a miniature job description.

Project Specs

1. Hiring Lawyer's location

2. Project Lawyer's location: the Hiring Lawyer will indicate whether the project requires on-site work or if it can be completed remotely.
3. License requirements: this shows whether the Project Lawyer needs to be licensed and, if so, indicates if a specific state's license is required.
4. Insurance: the Hiring Lawyer will specify here whether or not their firm’s Professional Liability Insurance Policy will cover the Project Lawyer.
5. Feedback: this shows how often the Hiring Lawyer will be available to provide feedback to the Project Lawyer and answer any questions.
6. Project work experience: this shows how much experience the Hiring Lawyer has in legal project work.