Once a Hiring Lawyer has accepted your proposal, you have officially started a Project. You can view your Projects in the “My Projects” tab.

The “My Projects” tab automatically shows you your Open Projects. “Open” means the Project is still in progress. Once a Project is complete and invoices paid, the Hiring Lawyer will change the status to “Closed”. You can view your Closed Projects by selecting the filter in the top right hand corner.

Project Overview
To view a Project’s details, click “View Project”. This will look like your previous Proposal view, with a few added features:
-Project Status (Open or Closed)
-“Create an Invoice” button (read more about invoices here)
-“View Invoices” button. Here you can see all invoices related to this Project.
-“View Reviews” button. Here you can leave a review for the Hiring Lawyer and view any reviews they have left of you for this Project.

Ratings and Reviews
Reviews help Lawyer Exchange maintain quality control with its members. They are intended to be honest, professional, and constructive. A rating also accompanies a review.
After you have submitted your first invoice with a Project, you will be prompted to leave a review. If the Project will have more than one invoice and you do not wish to leave a review yet, you can click the “X” in the upper right hand corner to cancel the review and leave one later.
Reviews will appear on both the Hiring Lawyer and Project Lawyer’s profiles. If you’d like to delete and re-write a Review, you can do so at any time.