To view all your Project Briefs you have posted, click the “My Project Briefs” tab.

Here you will be able to see both active (new) Project Briefs as well as Briefs you have withdrawn. To filter either new or withdrawn briefs, use the Filter tab in the upper right hand corner.

To view your Project Brief’s full details, view proposals, and communicate with Project Lawyers, click the green “View Proposals” button below your brief’s Title. Once you’ve clicked this you will see all the Project details and links to view the individual Proposals you’ve received. Each Project Brief can receive up to 5 Proposals. To view a Proposal’s details, click “View Proposal”.

Upon Viewing a Proposal, you can see the following:

-The Project Lawyer’s picture and a link to their profile (learn more about the Project Lawyer’s profile here!)

-Their proposed pay rate

-Message history

Pay rate: Project Lawyers will specify a proposed pay rate for the Project. This will typically be in line with the rate range you indicated in your Project. Project Lawyers may select either an hourly rate or a fixed cost for the entire project’s work.

Message history: Project Lawyers are prompted to send a message when submitting a Proposal. You can reply to this message to learn more about them or their work directly on this page. A Project Lawyer can only send one initial message before you respond the first time. From there you are able to freely converse. We recommend responding to a Project Lawyer within 48 hours of their Proposal so they aren’t left hanging.

Withdrawing a Project Brief

You can withdraw a Project Brief at any time, either through the “Project Briefs” homescreen or the Project Brief itself. Simply select “Withdraw Project Brief”.

Note: once a Project Brief has been withdrawn, you can not re-activate it.

You might withdraw a brief for a number of reasons, including:

-You no longer require assistance on that project

-None of the candidates selected were a good fit. If this is the case, we recommend reaching out to Support so we can help you re-post the Project in a way that will attract the type of candidate you are seeking

-The date you needed the Project completed by has passed.