Post A New Legal Project Brief

To submit a new Project Brief, begin by logging in and clicking the green “Start New Project Brief” button at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

This will direct you to the Project Wizard, which includes the following required items:

  • Services Required
  • Location
  • Duration & Compensation
  • Project Description
  • Preview

Services Required

Here you will indicate the Project’s practice area (or areas) as well as the type of work you will need done. You can select up to three of each of these. If you do not see a selection under “Type of work” that you're looking for, simply select “Other type of work”, and you can indicate the details in the Project Description later on.


This is where you indicate your city and state. You will also indicate if the work must be completed on site or if it can be completed remotely. We recommend having your project completed remotely so you will receive more proposals.

Finally, you will select which state attorney registration is required for the scope of work. Your options are:

  • Any active state attorney registration is sufficient for this project
  • An activate state attorney registration in the state you (the Hiring Lawyer) are located (as selected above) IS REQUIRED
  • An active state attorney registration in another state (other than the state where you, the Hiring Lawyer, are located in, as specified above) IS REQUIRED. If you select this option, you will be prompted to select the state.
  • An active attorney registration is not required - JDs and law grads pursuing their licenses are encouraged to submit proposals.

Project Scope (Duration and Compensation)

In this section you will select the Project’s approximate start date and duration. Your durations can last as short as one day, to a few weeks, to an indefinite amount of time! TIP: If the start date for your Project is firm, we recommend indicating this in the Project Description later so its obvious.

You’ll also provide an hourly pay range. Project Lawyers will base their Proposals (bids) based off this amount.  Finally, you’ll estimate the number of hours the project will take to complete. You can input any number of hours per day, week, month, or one day only.

Project Description

The Project Description gives a detailed overview of what the Project entails.

  • First you’ll write a Project Title giving a basic idea of the Project. 
  • Next you’ll write a Project Description. This should be more detailed; think of it as a mini-job description. If you are seeking someone with specific experience or characteristics, this is the place to indicate it. The more interesting you make your description, the better chances you'll have of finding a good match.
  • Next, indicate whether or not your law firm’s or personal professional liability insurance policy covers the Project Lawyer. Some of our Project Lawyers have their own insurance, but some do not.
  • Your availability to provide feedback is next. You can select options from “Never Available” to “Available daily”.
  • Finally, indicate your experience working with lawyers on a project basis. This can help a Project Lawyer understand how experienced you are with this type of work relationship. You can select anywhere from “never” to “20+ projects”.


Finally, you’ll review your Project Brief. If you need to make any changes, simply click the “Previous” button at the bottom of the screen. This is your last chance to make any changes! Once your project is posted, you won't be able to edit your Project Brief.

Once your Project Brief is ready to be posted, select Submit and it will go live! The entire network of Project Lawyers will receive a notification to their email by 11am CT and you’ll see Proposals beginning to roll in. We'll send you notifications as you receive Proposals - make sure you respond to Project Lawyers who've reached out to you!

Check our our article Best Practices: Posting A Project for more tips and info!

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