Once you have accepted a Project Lawyer’s Proposal, the Project will appear under the "My Projects" tab. Here you will be able to navigate Projects that are both Open and Closed.

An Open Project is one that is still in progress. A Closed Project has been completed. Using the filter button in the upper righthand corner, you can view Open or Closed Projects.

To view a specific Project from your list, click the “View Project” button from the My Projects page. This will take you to the Project itself, which will look similar to the Project Brief page, with a few added buttons:

  • Complete Project
  • View Invoices
  • View Reviews

You’ll click "Complete Project" when all the work has been completed by the Project Lawyer. However, once a Project has been completed/closed you can still communicate with the Project Lawyer, pay invoices, and leave reviews. It will just move the Project to the Closed filter on your My Projects page.

"View Invoices" leads you to the Project’s Invoices. The Project Lawyer will submit invoices when the Project is complete – or at other times if specified in your communications. To learn more about viewing and paying Invoices, click here.

"View Reviews" leads you to the Project’s Reviews. Reviews are posted after an Invoice is submitted and paid, or when the Project is complete. Reviews help Lawyer Exchange maintain quality control with its members. They are intended to be honest, professional, and constructive. A rating also accompanies a review.

After you have submitted your first invoice with a Project, you will be prompted to leave a review. If the Project will have more than one invoice and you do not wish to leave a review yet, you can click the “X” in the upper right hand corner to cancel the review.

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