After you’ve submitted a Proposal, the next step is to wait for the Hiring Lawyer to respond. View all your Proposals in one place under the My Proposals tab.

When you open the My Proposals tab, you will automatically see your current proposals. If you click the filter button in the top right corner, you’ll noticed it is filtered to “Waiting for Response”. This means the Hiring Lawyer has not yet selected a Project Lawyer for their project, and you are still in the running.

You can select other filters to see “Declined” and “Withdrawn” Proposals. Declined Proposals are ones in which the Hiring Lawyer has selected a different Project Lawyer to work with, or they have withdrawn their Project entirely. This could be for a number of reasons and may not be directly related to your Proposal itself. These reasons can include:
-Another Project Lawyer was a better fit (availability, cost, experience, location)
-The Hiring Lawyer no longer needs assistance with this Project

Check out Lawyer Exchange Best Practices here to learn how to optimize your profile and proposals.

Withdrawn proposals are those which you have removed yourself. Once you have withdrawn a Proposal, you are not able to reinstate it, so do so with discretion. You and the Hiring Lawyer can not message once you have withdrawn your project. Most members withdraw projects if a scenario arises in which they are no longer able to commit the time to completing a project. Examples of these scenarios include:
-Taking on another project that will be time-intensive
-Accepting a full-time job
-Personal life experiences or relocating
You do not need to provide a reason for withdrawing a proposal, and you can do so with a simple click of the button when viewing your Current Proposals.

Proposal Details
The My Proposals page gives you a general overview of your proposals - to view a Proposal’s details, click “View Proposal”. Here you’ll see:
-The Project details (learn more here!)
-The Proposal status (Waiting for Response, Declined, Withdrawn)
-Your proposed pay rate
-Your Message History, including your initial proposal message to the Hiring Lawyer. When the Hiring Lawyer responds, you’ll be able to see their message and respond here as well.
-“Withdraw My Proposal” – simply click and confirm to withdraw.
-Details about the Hiring Lawyer
                -Link to view their profile