1 – Include a photo that shows you are both professional and friendly. This will help the Hiring Lawyer feel they know you a little better. Make sure your photo is at least 300x300 pixels and in a square format for best resolution.

2 – Write a brief introduction. It only needs to be a few sentences long to showcase your experience, passions, and personality. Be sure to write in complete sentences, and preview your profile for any typos.

3 – Answer Additional Questions to give more background on your experience, strengths, and interests. You can answer as many or few of these questions as you’d like. They cover anything from your non-legal background and your specific skills and strengths, to your clerical experience, publications, and more.

4 – Request referrals from former colleagues, mentors, or supervisors. You can request as many referrals as you’d like! Hiring Lawyers are more likely to pick someone who has a proven track record, and this is a great way to showcase your past legal experience. Just be sure to give your referrer a heads up before requesting a referral from them.

5 – Include any additional attorney licenses outside your home state. If you’re licensed in more than one state, be sure to include that in your profile. You can also indicate any states in which you’ve taken the bar but are awaiting results.

6 – Upload your resume and any other documents that showcase your work. You can include anything the Hiring Lawyer may find helpful. This can include writing samples, cover letters, and examples of briefs or other work you have completed.