Here is an example of a legal Project Brief posted to Lawyer Exchange.

We've broken down each section below to give you some helpful tips and best practices for posting your project. 

1. Services Required - You can select more than one industry or type of work, if only one category does not suffice. You can select up to three areas and types depending on the work you’re posting. If you feel none of the types of work listed fit, you can select “other”; just be sure to indicate any details under the Project Details tab.

2. Compensation & Time - The payment range you provide will guide the Project Lawyers when they submit their proposed rates. Keep in mind that lawyers with more experience may be more likely to submit proposals with higher pay ranges. If you want to pay a lower rate, you may have more proposals from newer lawyers (or JDs, if a license is not required).

3. Project Duration - Remember, a project isn't necessarily a full-time job! Projects can range from a few hours to a few months or on an ongoing basis.

4. Remote or On-Site - Consider whether on-site work is necessary for your project or if it can be completed remotely. You'll be able to access more talent if you select "Remote" as your option here.

5. Specific State Registration - You will be able to specify what state license, if any, is required for your project. For work that can be done by law grads waiting to take the bar, you can select "No license required"; if the attorney must be licensed, but the jurisdiction does not matter you can select "No Specific State Attorney Registration Required"; if the state is important, you will be able to specify the state license needed. Because you are the overseeing attorney, oftentimes a specific state registration would not be required; consult your state ethics decisions for more information.

6. Insurance - Many liability insurance policies cover project lawyers; you can check this within your policy.

7. Feedback Availability - Specify how frequently you'll be able to discuss the work with the Project Lawyer. If you are paying a lower rate or working with a newer lawyer, the Project Lawyer may need more feedback. If you won't be available to provide feedback often you may want to consider a higher pay rate to attract a more experienced lawyer.

8. Your Experience - This section notes YOUR experience with project work! It simply gives the Project Lawyer an idea of what to expect while working with you.

9. Project Description - Include any specific details of what you’re looking for in the Project Description – i.e. a specific deadline or skills desired from the Project Lawyer. Do you need someone with experience in a specific area? Is there a tight deadline or other important detail that needs to be said? This is the place to put it!

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