Once your project has been posted and the alert has gone out, you’ll begin receiving proposals from Project Lawyers. After you’ve had time to review all your proposals, it’s time to decide who to choose.

Lawyer Exchange has made this selection process extremely easy for Hiring Lawyers. Whether you decide you only need one project lawyer, large team, or anywhere in between, the selection process is still the same.

Selecting Proposals

Step 1: Select proposals

Next to each proposal there is a check box that says, “click here to select”. Click this button for each proposal you’d like to accept.

 Step 2: Start your project

At the top right corner of the page, you’ll see “start project”. This button will not be clickable until you select at least one proposal. Once your selection(s) have been made, the button will change to a dark grey color (shown in image). Press this once all your proposals have been selected to get started

Working With Your Selection(s)

Once you’ve started your project, you’ll be able to view all your selected project lawyers on the main project page. Although all the selected project lawyers are listed here, they are not able to see or interact with each other for confidentiality.

All communication, invoicing, and payments are separated by each individual. You can accept proposals with different flat rates or hourly fees, have separate individual invoices, send individual payments at different times, and have separate communication with each selected project lawyer.

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